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1. Raiding

At the moment we raid 3 nights a week, being Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, from 20.00 untill 23.00. We try our best to maintain decent progress, but we understand if players have other stuff to attend to during their lives, hence, we’re not die-hard raiders, but we do keep up with the content.

1.1 Loot

As for loot distribution we use a system called EPGP. Basically, what it does is handle two different types of points, effort points and gear points. An addon then calculates another value, your priority (PR) by the formula PR = EP/GP.
You gain EP by attending raids or doing extraordinary stuff for the guild. You gain GP by, obviously, receiving loot, or, although this doesn’t happen very often, do something really, really stupid. Generally this involves something like willingly sabotaging the raids, or showing extreme disrespect towards your fellow guildies. More information can be found in the EPGP thread.
On another note, during progression content, when having a regular member on-board with the rest of the raiders, and something drops for that both the regular member and a raider can use, we may give it to the raider instead of the regular member, even should the regular member have a higher PR. This is (in my opinion) quite understandable since that single piece of loot can really help the raid out if someone that shows up night after night can use it, in comparison to someone who might only join once every few weeks.

1.2 Attendance

As mentioned before, we raid two nights a week. Players have different ranks in the guild. The ones that will be most raid-active are the Raiders and the people of higher rank. You have a chance to raid as a regular member, albeit this will depend on the attendance of the raiders and higher. An open spot in the raidgroup will be filled with people of the member-rank, or, if decently/equally/better geared, ones alt.
Do note that not showing up while at the Raider-rank or when you've signed up without using the raid absence thread will result in a 50GP reward.

1.3 Classes and composition

The raiding group tries to keep in mind an optimal setup. This means, we will NOT take 5 warriors in a 10man run. Net even 4 or 3. Even 2 is a bit of a stretch concerning warriors, seeing as how few roles they fill. Druids, paladins, shamans and the like are slightly more likely to have more of those classes in the raid, seeing as how many roles they can fill.

2. Social Behavior

2.1 In the guild

We do not tolerate whining, causing drama, personal assaults or fierce arguments where people throw their virtual fesces at eachother. If you have a problem with a certain guild member, or a guild rule, or anything else, feel free to contact an officer. Do not start whining about it in guildchat, since this will not only be ineffective, but it’ll also demotivate your fellow guildies. The best way to resolve issues is to communicate, but do so in a civilized manner.
For example, player B hates player A because his name isn’t to his liking. Player B starts bitching at player A in guildchat. An officer tells player B to shut the **** up (in a whisper).
Now let’s say player B contacts an officer concerning this matter. Said officer will either work out a solution or have a chat with all affected parties by vent or a quick party invite. Here is where we trust in our utmost awesome officers to diplomatically resolve the issue, so we can all be happy together.

2.2 Elsewhere

The same rules apply, we expect our guildies to act in a civilised manner to maintain our guild image. Things like ninjaing in a Baradin Hold run or something similar are not appreciated and may result in awarded GP to even a guild kick. However, concerning these matters we know there are always two sides of the story. We therefor ask of you to be honest with us, and if you screwed up, just speak up and don’t be a sissy. We’ll try to resolve the matters as diplomatic as possible.

2.3 Mumble

Mumble is used mainly for raiding, but social/arena/random usage is of course allowed and even wanted. We use it so we can better communicate with eachother, and also have different channels so you can just go in a channel and hang out there while some other people are raiding or doing arena’s etc. While you are in a large group we must ask of you to also behave in a civilized manner, hence, no loud music, eating while making noises that may sound quite disgusting for other players, yelling in you microphone making everyone else’s eardrums bleed, etc. Common sense applies here.

3. Alts

You can have as many alts in the guild as you like. Just ask an officer to invite them and it’ll be done. We do ask of you to set your main character’s name in your alt’s public note. Everyone can edit his/her public note so this should not be an issue.

4. Events

Every guild member save for alts and initiates can create guild events on the calendar. We encourage you to take initiative if you want to do old raids, firelands, and the like. However, on the topic of the actual current raid content we ask that you do not create events for these, since we do those with the guild group and we don’t want to get confused with all sorts of different saves etc.
Also, filling up the entire calendar with ‘naxx10iwantgear’ is not the way to go. Pick a day, create an event, don’t spam, and it’ll be fine. It would be nice to not plan these events on raid nights, but this is not really obligated. A naxx10-run in the afternoon for example doesn’t overlap with the raid times so there’s no problem there.

5. Guild bank

Only officers have access to the guild bank. However, every raider and member can use a daily guild bank repair, that of raiders being higher than that of regular members for obvious reasons.
If you want an item out of the guild bank, it is available for 50% of the current Auction House price. Ask an officer and thou shalt receive.


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