EPGP configuration and rules

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EPGP configuration and rules

Post  Merberan on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:44 am

As a loot system in Disbanded we use EPGP. This is a system that grants people Effort Points (EP) and Gear Points (GP). The quotient of these determines your loot Priority (PR). If a piece of loot drops, and multiple people want it, the one with the highest PR gets it, obviously. Each week, both EP and GP decay by 10%, meaning you've still got the same PR, but this keeps the scores from scaling out of hand.

  -   Earning EP

Ones earns EP by, as the name suggests, putting effort into their raiding. For the raids, we award 20 EP every 15 minutes for both raiders who are actually in the raid, and people on standby. Also, at the end of each raid, we award a variable amount of EP depending on stuff like how many bosses died or how many stupid things people did. If it's a particularly bad evening it's also possible to completely ignore that extra EP. It's also possible (under exceptional circumstances) to grant extra EP to a single person, due to some major favor he did for the guild. No examples come to mind since this hasn't happened as yet.

  -   Earning GP

This is really simple, you get loot, you get GP. GP depends on which slot you loot, and also, which class/spec you're playing.
Slot GP Note
Ring 50
Cloak 50
Neck 50
Bracers 50
Off-Hand 50 100 for shield tanks
Main Hand 100 50 for shield tanks
Two-Hander 150 75 for fury warriors
Helmet 80 90 for tier tokens
Shoulders 70 80 for tier tokens
Chest 80 90 for tier tokens
Hands 70 80 for tier tokens
Legs 80 90 for tier tokens
Belt 70
Boots 70
Trinkets 100
As you can see this makes sure that every class/spec has the same amount of GP needed to spend for a full set. Hence the differences in the weapon costs.

  -   Getting Loot

Now, what you've all been waiting for, how the hell do you get loot? Now, as mentioned above, the highest priority gets the loot. All you have to do when a piece drops you want, is say 'need' in raidchat, or 'greed' of you want it for offspec.

  -   Keeping track of stuff

The EP and GP shows in the officers notes, which are visible to everyone. It's kinda annoying to keep having to calculate everyone's PR though, so if you want to keep track of the PR list more easily, you can download the addon EPGP(dkp reloaded). It displays a nice list, with a log and everything, so you can see what happened and who's top PR.
We also use a google docs format to keep track of stuff, just so we know who's been failing alot so we can sit the correct people in a the right bosses etcetera. The link to said document is:
Now, we do look at the join date aswel, so the count doesn't become obsolete when we get new members.

If there are any more questions/suggestions, feel free to comment here, PM me on the forum, or PM me in-game.

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Edit: updated the GP table to reflect the loss of ranged and relic slots

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