Declined - Neeky - Rogue

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Declined - Neeky - Rogue

Post  Neeky on Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:51 pm

What is your age? 28
Where are you from? Sweden
Do you have Mumble? Yes
Microphone? Yes
Name - Neeky
Class - Rogue
Level - 90
Spec - Assassination
Gear -

- Are you willing to change spec if needed? If you have a dual PvE spec, what is your gear like for it?
Absolutely. Can change spec with my current gear, just need to tune it with reforges.

- What is your former experience?
Kara10, Icc25, Naxx25, Ulduar10, ToT10
- What Guilds have you previously been in? What was your reason for leaving each Guild?
My most recent guild was Infinite Eternity. I left due to insanely high competition among the melees which led to having to raid 7 days a week for being guaranteed a spot in the raid team.

- Do you know anyone in Disbanded that would vouch for you?

- Why do you want to join Disbanded?
Your raid times/days fits me well along with your goals.

- How long have you been playing WoW/Char that you are applying with?
I have been playing wow since the release of TBC. Have played most classes on a high level of play.

- Can you give us a short description of what you do when you're healing, dpsing, or tanking? (Note: this is where you show us how well you know your class)

I am always aiming at having 100% uptime of SnD, Rupture & do my best building combo points while doing so. Also always looking for an opportunity of multidotting/cleaving to optimize dps. As a rogue I always have to very carefully watch my hp and keep out of trouble. I use defensive cooldowns before taking damage, if possible to help healers.

- We normally raid Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20.00-23.00. Sometimes we have to move our raids to other days due to exams and other rl stuff. Would you be able to attend?

Yes absolutely Smile

- Tell us something about yourself.

I work as a network engineer at a medium sized ISP here in Sweden. Live with my gf and like eating, drinking and f....ootball Wink

- If possible, provide a recent raiding log here. If not, tell us which kind of ice-cream you like least.
I will as soon as i get home (at work currently). I HATE ice-cream with mint in it!

- What is your current progress on the legendary quest chain?
I am on the valor part, and will be done with that part on tuesday.


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Re: Declined - Neeky - Rogue

Post  Breekachu on Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:10 pm


I am sorry to say that we are currently not looking for a rogue. And I doubt we ever will do so, since the rogue we have has been active for years.
Good luck in finding another guild.

You don't need luck when you don't give a fuck.

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