Declined - Nightbell - Hunter

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Declined - Nightbell - Hunter

Post  Nightbell on Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:34 pm

Hi there,
Here goes nothing Wink

What is your age? -29
Where are you from? - Romania
Do you have Mumble? - Yes
Microphone? - Of course
Name - Mickey
Class - Hunter
Level - 90
Spec - Survival
Gear -

- Are you willing to change spec if needed? If you have a dual PvE spec, what is your gear like for it?
Well, this is an odd question considering i'm a hunter Smile

- What is your former experience?
I'm a really old wow player, i've been playing since Vanila with some breaks. I've raided almost every raid instance, in Vanila up to Nax (4 horseman), in TBC up to Sunwell (M'uru), in WoTLK Up to LK (didn't kill it hc 25 though). Then i've took a little break, came back, killed Deathwing, then stopped again, then started again played a bit when Pandaria came out, didn't find a guild that suited my needs and i've quit again, and here i am now Smile

- What Guilds have you previously been in? What was your reason for leaving each Guild?
None of the guilds i've recently been into are worth mentioning, in my hardcore days i was in some pretty OP guilds (back in TBC and WoTLK), The Tempted, SPQR, Perfectly Sane (Had realm first immortal at one point Wink)

- Do you know anyone in Disbanded that would vouch for you?
I don't, but i would sure like to know some Wink

- Why do you want to join Disbanded?
As i understand they are looking for a hunter, and i'm looking for a laid back raiding guild. It doesn't even have to be a hunter. I have a mage, DK, monk, druid also :)that i can use as long as it helps the guild and i'm needed

- Tell us why we should pick you
Well, that's for you to decide, if it's not my sparkling personality, or my charms, maybe it's my desire to raid with you guys, i might not be the best and awesome dps there is, but i'm ready to learn Wink

- How long have you been playing WoW/Char that you are applying with?
Had about 3 wow accounts since i've started playing wow, and i've had this hunter since Pandaria came out i think.

- Can you give us a short description of what you do when you're healing, dpsing, or tanking? (Note: this is where you show us how well you know your class)
Well depending on the fight and my role in the fight, i usually do my best to keep serpent sting and black arrow up, explosive arrow when its off CD and arcane shot in between Wink

- We normally raid Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20.00-23.00. Sometimes we have to move our raids to other days due to exams and other rl stuff. Would you be able to attend?
Monday's don't really work for me, that's my wife's time with me and i wanna eat something, but other then that, i can raid pretty much every day Wink

- Tell us something about yourself.
I'm sociable, funny and i like gnomes Wink

- If possible, provide a recent raiding log here. If not, tell us which kind of ice-cream you like least.
To hell with ice-cream, bring me some Jack Wink

- What is your current progress on the legendary quest chain?
Secrets of the Last Empire (the quest i'm on atm)


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Re: Declined - Nightbell - Hunter

Post  Merberan on Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:53 am

Allrighty I've been looking into this for a bit, and aside from the gear, there are quite a few things lacking on your character so we will have to decline your application.

Good luck finding a guild that suits you,

Do or do not, there is no try.

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