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Social - Fisaar - DK

Post  Fisaar- Frost DeathKnight on Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:42 pm

What is your age? - 18
Where are you from? - Pakistan
Do you have Mumble? - no
Microphone? - yes
Name - Fisaar
Class - Death Knight
Level - 90
Spec - Frost/Unholy
Gear - Armorylink:

- Are you willing to change spec if needed? If you have a dual PvE spec, what is your gear like for it?- I would change my main spec to unholy but not blood, since my tanking skills have rusted.

- What is your former experience?- I've done raiding in TBC, WoTLK, and a bit in vanilla. In MoP i haven't really done any raiding except LFR.

- What Guilds have you previously been in? What was your reason for leaving each Guild? - I've been in Divine Rejects, my reason for leaving was the migration of the guild to another server

- Do you know anyone in Disbanded that would vouch for you?- no

- Why do you want to join Disbanded?- I read a recruitment call in trade chat and found it interesting. No silly name, not very hardcore and judging from the amount of players in the guild, it's also friendly and social.

- Tell us why we should pick you - there isn't really any reason to pick me, though there also aren't any reasons to not pick me since my ilvl is alright and i don't scold e.t.c so i don't cause the guild to get a bad reputation.

- How long have you been playing WoW/Char that you are applying with?- Since cataclysm
- Can you give us a short description of what you do when you're healing, dpsing, or tanking? (Note: this is where you show us how well you know your class)- (single target) - obliberate2x, horn of winter,howling blast, use alternative moves to get RP to 100, Frost strike until RP hits 40, then repeat. (multipile) howling blast a few times, frost strike, soul reaper (due to low health of trash), repeat.
I use Army of the dead at the beginning of a fight or if you have to fight trash 1st, at heroism or time warp. macroed pillar of frost and raise dead for burst dmg which is used whenever available.

- We normally raid Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20.00-23.00. Sometimes we have to move our raids to other days due to exams and other rl stuff. Would you be able to attend?- sometimes, due to exams myself. Also i'd like a more casual/social position rather than core raiding.

- Tell us something about yourself.

- If possible, provide a recent raiding log here. If not, tell us which kind of ice-cream you like least.- how can you not like ice cream?! (hope I passed that one Razz)

- What is your current progress on the legendary quest chain? almost finished with the titan runestone quest, by the time you're reading this i'm probably already on the next one.

Fisaar- Frost DeathKnight

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Re: Social - Fisaar - DK

Post  Merberan on Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:58 pm

Hi, since you're looking for a social spot, tell us something about your personality please, as in, what do you like doing, what kind of jokes do you like (telling a joke always helps :p) what are your personality traits, what can't you stand in other people, what do you like in other people, etc.

Looking forward to your speedy response Smile

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RE: Application

Post  Fisaar- Frost DK on Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:33 pm

well, i'm quite serious when needed. But I am able to be funny and crack a joke once in a while. I'm not the type that's extremely social, so I'm not on g-chat 100% of the time while i'm playing. I take raiding pretty serious, but of course real life business is more important. I don't really hate a certain trait in people, so it's very hard to annoy me or piss me off. With that I also like almost every kind of person without there being specific traits to link them all together. Also, I'm not really looking for a "social" spot, but more of a member. Someone who can attend raids sometimes, but isn't in the core raiding group.

I hope this is enough information. if not, simply ask for more Smile.

Fisaar- Frost DK

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Re: Social - Fisaar - DK

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