Accepted - Chinesename - Survival Hunter

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Accepted - Chinesename - Survival Hunter

Post  Chinesename on Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:08 pm

General Information

What is your age? - 18
Where are you from? - England
Do you have Mumble? - Yes
Microphone? - Yes
Name - Chinesename (Ben irl)
Class - Hunter
Level -  90 (531 ilevel)
Spec - Survival (BM os)
Gear -

Are you willing to change spec if needed? If you have a dual PvE spec, what is your gear like for it?

  I keep Beast Mastery as an offspec, but as of right now survival is solidly on top. I am one who will always adjust with what is the best performing spec at the time. That being said if it was a raid benefiting choice for me to be something else then I will of course comply.

What is your former experience?

  as I have just come back from a break, my SoO experience is limited to just the first two wings of flex.

Previous raid experience includes (relative to when content was current):

ICC - 11/12
Firelands HC - 7/8
DragonSoul HC - 8/8
MSV HC - 6/6
HOF HC - 2/6
ToES HC - 1/4
ToT HC - 3/13

What Guilds have you previously been in? What was your reason for leaving each Guild?

  My most notable guild history includes when I ran my own raiding guild back in WoTLK. We managed to get 11/12 ICC normal. I assume the guild had no idea they were being run by a 13/14 year old at the time, but I am fairly proud of that, and how well we managed to considering.
  During 4.2 and 4.3 I was part of a second team for <Flat Earth Society> as horde on Twisting Nether EU. They are world 25th for 10 man content and I actually managed to do a few small raids with their main team, and got extremely close to their GM Sami, who runs a few blood DK videos over on youtube. I am still in close contact with that guild to this day.
 In throne of thunder I was officer and co led a 25 man raiding guild <shadows of Darkness> over on Bonzebeard EU. We were fairly successful and managed to be raiding with a 25 man team and two extra 10 man teams all at once.

Do you know anyone in Disbanded that would vouch for you?


Why do you want to join Disbanded?

  My guild history is fairly inconsistent, due to guild disbands, guild moves and my own personal choices. I want to find a guild I will be comfortable with for a long time, especially as I am very excited about WoD and what it will have to offer. I think Mythic raiding will prove to be great, and hopefully Disbanded will prove to be a suitable home for me.

Tell us why we should pick you

   Why you should pick me? Well as much as I hate tooting my own horn I guess that is what this question is about. I have lots of raid leading and guild leading experience which means I can show empathy for my own guild leaders and officers. I know when to keep my mouth shut and when an extra opinion might be useful. I know when to share banter and when to share silent concentration. I may not come with bags of experience with this hunter, but I do have some solid experience in raiding in general which I hope will help me do well with you guys!

How long have you been playing WoW/Char that you are applying with?

- 22 days on the hunter
- 110 days on my ex main.

Can you give us a short description of what you do when you're healing, dpsing, or tanking? (Note: this is where you show us how well you know your class)

  • Apply hunters mark
  • Apply Serpent Sting
  • Use cobra shot as serpent sting revival and a focus generator
  • Explosive shot as main damage dealer, watch for Lock n Load proc giving two casts without a CD or focus cost.
  • Keep Black arrow up unless the target will die before the 20 seconds is used to its full
  • Arcane shot as focus dump
  • Kill shot priority after 20%
  • Glaive toss on CD
  • Dire Beast on CD
  • AOE - Multi Shot and Explosive trap take priority, using black arrow to the same rules as before and explosive shot when Lock n Load procs

    Other tips include pre casting traps before a fight for that tiny bit of extra dps.

    I always bring 300 food, flasks and pots to raids. I also acknowledge that being top dps but dead for half the fight is not any where near as effective as being third on damage and being alive all of the time. Stay out of that fire and keep your eyes on the fight, not the meters! Wink

We normally raid Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20.00-23.00. Sometimes we have to move our raids to other days due to exams and other rl stuff. Would you be able to attend?

Most certainly, and constant mobile internet access means there is no excuse for me not to warn if I am not going to be able to attend or be late.

Tell us something about yourself.

Hey, my name is Ben. o/

I have been playing wow for as long as I remember, mainly for PVE content. I love the family atmosphere raiding and progression brings about, and some of my closest friends have come from playing wow with them and sharing those experiences. Outside of wow I am a musician and college student.

If possible, provide a recent raiding log here. If not, tell us which kind of ice-cream you like least.

uuuggggh strawberry ice cream. >Sad

But if you put a cherry on top I can run into LFR and grab a log.

What is your current progress on the legendary quest chain?

I am far behind, just finishing the first patch section, but I am treating it as my main priority at the moment.

Extra Information

It is important to add that I am real life friends with the previous applicant Taishini, and have raided with him for a long time. All of the previous raid experience and information was with my ex main, a holy paladin. If needed he is also available. My main interest in joining is for bolstering your Mythic Raiding team, which is why I hope my lack of experience in this patch will not be to much of a problem. Other than that, thank you for reading the application and I look forward to your reply.[/b][/size][/color][/u][/b]

**** I apologize if parts of this seem rushed, I wrote a nice application and then the document timed out for some reason, so you can imagine the frustration of re doing it! ****


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Re: Accepted - Chinesename - Survival Hunter

Post  Merberan on Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:23 pm

Hi, just a few questions:

What is your priority for your rotation? Like, you say, keep this on CD, use this when it procs, priority to this, etc, but what are the internal relations between all those things? It's quite vital to playing a hunter optimally so :p

Now, some random encounter stuff:
Immerseus heroic, how does it work and what are hunter tips and tricks for it
Norushen heroic, same story
Iron Juggernaut heroic with 3 healers

In your own words please :p
Looking forward to your answers,

Do or do not, there is no try.

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Re: Accepted - Chinesename - Survival Hunter

Post  Chinesename on Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:13 pm

As far as my rotation goes, my apologies as I had included more but unfortunately due to having to re do the application I was more brief the second time round. As far as the priority for keeping stuff off cool down goes it is as followed:

I would say that explosive shot has full priority,
Black Arrow has second priority as long as it will be up for 20 seconds
then glaive toss and after that Dire beast.

of course kill shot takes main prio under 20%, especially when killing lots of lower HP adds as essentially using explosive shot before kill shot is a waste of its CD when the kill shot option is only available until said add dies.

As far as cool downs go in addition to Dire Beast, I use rabid on cool down and where possible line it up with rapid fire or heroism. Most fights I open with most if not all cool downs and a pre pot, unless I know there is going to be a high DPS requirement at some point early on in the fight.

I hope that clears that up to some extent.

Now in regards to the other question I will be totally honest and say that I have no great in depth knowledge of SoO fights, as I said I have been on a break until now and my main focus is looking towards the next expansion. That being said I have gone and done my research and I hope I have shown you that I know how to prepare for a fight with the following:

Immerseus Heroic

   Key differences from normal and below modes are that as a result of the swelling corruption buff, every time a player attacks the boss, an add will spawn, and the player will gain a stacking debuff that lasts for 6 seconds. This means that players have to be weary about how many adds are up at a given time and if necessary stop dps, which usually will mean focus dps on the adds I suspect. The debuff can also be dispelled so I assume healers will really utilize things such as mass dispell. From what I read the best way to handle this is to dps the boss in short bursts going no higher than three stacks, which helps healers to stay on top of health and for adds to be kept under control. Upon reading this I imagine this is something you would do with limited gear and there is room for pushing the fight harder as the group progress, but having not seen it I cannot say.

   During the split face there is a new ability which is the sha pool. This is a void zone around the central boss point which expands each time a  Sha Puddle, Contaminated Puddle or Purified Puddle hits it. The zone shrinks when raid members stand in it and take damage. I imagine you would either assign an absorb rotation for this or a well communicative team would call out when it is needed.

  As a hunter I can offer my deterrence to absorb the void zone for short periods of time, as well as using my disengage to offer quick movement to take down the split adds. I would need to check whether my pet would cause me to continue the stacking debuff from the boss, I imagine that it would, so ensuring the pet is focusing on the adds at this point would be essential. I can also use ice trap to slow some of the adds during the split phase.

Norushen Heroic

Luckily for me this question is fairly simple, as the fight really looks to be almost exactly the same as normal, with the standard increased damage output and increased difficulty inside the test realms. Not sure if you would like me to state in detail the normal tactics but in a quick form it would be as simple as:

  • Set a priority list for people to go into the test realm, starting with one tank and one dps. You need to ensure that enough non dps players pass the test realm to the residual corruption
  • avoid giant beam of death
  • Intercept shots by unleashed essence of corruption
  • Kill the adds (unleashed essence of corruption and Amalgam of corruption)

as a hunter for this fight there isn't much in particular I can bring other than using disengage to move around the shielded sides in the test realm and safe proofing myself in the beam with deterrence, but really is it going to get me? Wink

Iron Juggernaut Heroic

reading through a lot of the heroic SoO guides and the earlier bosses don't seem to be too changed from normal mode, maybe actually doing it will prove me wrong. Interesting fights nonetheless!

So for this fight, it looks to be fairly healing intensive, and some groups bring four healers, but with three healers that should not be too much to worry about, other than the phase 2. Ranged must spread out and try their best to avoid the sawblades produced by Ricochet. Reading Icy Veins I see that it is said that you can abuse the knockback system to stack up at the edge of the arena, stop dps and heal through this phase so as to not worry about this tactic. After also visiting fatboss I see that this is the go to three healing tactic, so I assume this is the one you hinted towards by mentioning 3 healers specifically.

As far as hunter specific tips go, again use of deterrence correctly as well as disengage.

I hope you can appreciate I have not even done these fights on normal, so this is purely a reading task for me, but hopefully I have shown that I can digest and re produce information I have found for fights.

Many Thanks,


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Re: Accepted - Chinesename - Survival Hunter

Post  Chinesename on Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:14 pm


- Taishini is at work tomorrow but I am sure he will get a reply to you some point early this week, probably tomorrow.


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Re: Accepted - Chinesename - Survival Hunter

Post  Merberan on Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:17 am

Honestly, there are some minor mistakes in the answers, but really, the sheer amount of effort you put into this is quite impressive. I think you would be exactly the type of player we're looking for, so feel free to whisper me or any of the other officers in-game for an invite Smile

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Re: Accepted - Chinesename - Survival Hunter

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